No 1Bio

Vardan Stepanian is a developer, designer, manager, analytic and accountant, who is currently working at E-World as a CRO Manager with years of experience in Character Animation Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Accounting, Web Development and Psychology.

Prior to E-World, Vardan Stepanian spent 2 years in TUMO Center, working on various projects and developing a small game. Taking the experience gathered from Tumo Center, he worked one year Plexonic making more games and sharpening his skills. Vardan also works closely with Riot Games occupying different job positions and making the game experience better.

Vardan Stepanian offers a wide range of services, so go on…pick your poison.

No 2 Experience

Riot Games Merch, Berlin — Manager of Analytics
Plexonic, Yerevan — Java Developer
Riot Games , Dusseldorf — Character Universe Page Design
Eworld , London — Digital Marketing Manager , Dublin — Data Analyst
Eworld Branding , London — Art Directing at branding process
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